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Clothes can reveal much about a person. They provide hints as to a person’s employment, their wealth (or lack of), their musical tastes and sometimes even their political motivations. We make assumptions based upon a person’s appearance before they’ve even uttered a single word. Of course, the observations that we make and the subsequent perceptions that they create aren’t always accurate. However, when we have little else to go on, this information can often prove to be invaluable.


So, it’s perhaps unsurprising that fashion remains so important to so many people. We’ve reached a very exciting time in fashion where literally anything goes. Walking down the high street in any major city provides testimony to this. The eclectic mix of styles, colors and patterns that people wear shows just how fun fashion can be. Many people make the mistake of following trends blindly and allowing clothes to ‘wear them’, instead of the other way around. What it’s actually about is expressing the individual that you are and celebrating the differences between people.

Get Creative

Nowadays, a man in his early twenties might match a bowler hat, with

How to Repair Jewellery


It seems to happen at the most inopportune time. Owners take out a piece of jewellery that coordinates so well with the evening dress or work suit to discover damage, a missing a gem, or a loose or lost jump ring. Before tossing a favourite jewellery piece into the dust bin or taking it to a jeweller, consider fixing it at home. Many repairs are easy and most consumers can accomplish them at home. The tools and material needed to repair jewellery are not complicated to use or find and may save the cost of an expensive repair. Owners can find items to repair jewellery at a jewellery store, online on eBay, or in eBay deals in Fashion and Beauty.

Jewellery Repair Tools and Materials

Gathering the tools and materials needed before beginning the repairs ensure that owners have everything needed at hand.

Tool or Material


Magnifying glass Examining jewellery and locating small parts
Needle nose and flat nose pliers Bending wires and metal parts
Fine grit sandpaper Cleaning debris or roughing surfaces
Glue gun, nail glue, or epoxy

How To Dress As Per Your Body Type


Every woman has a right to be adored and feel appreciated, but this is not possible for every women. For getting appreciation they should first understand their body type and then dress accordingly as every dress is not made for everyone.

Every woman has its own body shape and should dress according, and if it is not done you might land up in an awkward situation where your expensive and beautiful dress fails to provide you the desired compliments. You keep wondering what happened but fail to analyze what exactly went wrong.


This article elaborates on different types of women body type and provides you with dressing tips for varied body structure so as to remain stylish and trendy all time. Moreover this will also help you set a style statement.

Hourglass Body

– The hourglass body type posses gorgeous body curves accompanied with board shoulders, thin waist line and attractive/striking hips.

Dressing Tips

– While dressing it is always good to show your strengths thus lay emphasis on fitted waist line clothes, straight skirts etc. You can also go for belted waist clothes or small pieced clothes which

Choose Mens Alternative Clothing To Become A Style Statement

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

― By Mark Twain

Colours, fits, styles, and performance are often even more difficult once getting mens wear on-line. It is often good to work out however a particular pattern or vogue can look really. Checking out menswear on-line is often frustrating. However, there are nice discounts and promotions that you simply might not notice in native stores.

Menswear on-line sites with a convention of history, client loyalty, and rave reviews are your best option, though it is a penny or 2 quite a budget different. Otherwise, it’s quite simple to finish up with a variety of dresses that actually not properly coordinated or reflect your individual fashion statement.

Fortunately, now menswear is rapidly gaining popularity within the garment industry to support the fashionable highlights as well. Men are gaining data to assist produce a method that reflects their temperament, taste, and work desires. Choosing mens alternative clothing will principally be narrowed all the way down to 2 objectives – purpose and individual preference. You can choose from different color, pattern, style and fabric even.

In the business world, colors like blue, white, and grey are safe, conservative decisions. If you’re during

Cheap Handbags in Fashion this Season

Casual cheap fashion handbags – Most of us like the comfort given by a casual outfit. We usually choose casual clothes for our daily activities, so that we can feel the energy and good mood which comes from comfort. Acess helps you obtain such a casual look with cheap handbags in a modern design. You can choose a large bag with many zippers, which can hold all your personal items you cannot live without. A blue bag with a modern design, completing an outfit consisting of jeans and a light blouse is the ideal choice for a look full of charm.

It’s a man’s world (accessories with masculine influences) – In recent years, accessories with male accentshave gained more and more ground. Blazers with a straight cut, fedora hats, briefcase wholesale bags or oxford shoes – these are the items which quickly became classics and made their way into our wardrobes.If you prefer androgynous outfits with a modern vibe, the combination of a pair of high-heel shoes and a masculine briefcase is perfect for office outfits or casual-chic outfits during the day.

Let’s Party – Many of us often have problems in creating outfits for a party. To simplify your situation, acess

Turn Your House into a Dream Home Buy Home Decor Online

They say that a beautiful home churns out a beautiful life. Indeed this is true. Many cosmological disciplines like Vaastu and Feng Shui have highlighted the importance of beautifying your house. Investing in home decoration items thus becomes important. That’s why many webstores have opened a world of home decor online. Now you don’t have to take time out of your busy lifestyle for going to an offline store and buying decorations for your home. Online shopping websites have now made home decorative items available to you within a few clicks. Moreover, there is a huge variety that these webstores offer. You can choose from an array of elegant decorations that truly enhance the style quotient of your home. You will find the perfect home accents for each and every room of your house on a popular webstore.

Following are a few tips that you can follow and pick the best decoration for your home from a vast variety online:

  • Decorations for your living room: The aesthetics of your living room should be bright, lively and chic. You can buy elegant wall decor consisting of a gorgeous wall clock which matches the color scheme of the overall area. You can also brighten

The Quiet Comeback of Margaret Trudeau

Ottawa — On Wednesday, Justin Trudeau took the oath of office as the new prime minister of Canada, accompanied by his wife and three small children — and a woman in a dark blue coat that many people in the country may not have seen much of in recent years but who remains an indelible character in Canadian political history: his mother.

Justin’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is still, 15 years after his death, the only former Canadian prime minister most people from outside the country can probably name. And Margaret Trudeau still reigns as the most famous wife of a Canadian prime minister.

Less than half the prime minister’s age when they married in 1971, Ms. Trudeau, suddenly went from being a hippie who had been wandering around North Africa to the world’s most glamorous first lady. Then as her marriage to the cerebral Mr. Trudeau began crumbling, she found even greater fame, of a very different sort.

Partying with the Rolling Stones, watching the scene at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol and being tutored in photography by Richard Avedon made Mrs. Trudeau, then the mother of three young children, global tabloid fodder. And with last week’s swearing-in of the oldest of

For Halloween, Fashion Stories to Scare You Silly

The streets this weekend will be filled with people wearing items of clothing intended to terrify, repulse and otherwise freak out viewers. But as “Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present,” a new book from Alison Matthews David, an associate professor in the School of Fashion at Ryerson University in Toronto, makes clear, zombie costumes are the least of it.

Since at least the 19th century, women and men have been wearing garments that were truly horrifying in the damage they caused — both to the wearer and to the world around them.

As far as wardrobe scares go, it doesn’t get much more dramatic. Naomi Campbell falling off her giant Vivienne Westwood platforms (a story that is included in Ms. David’s book) has nothing, for example, on the tale of the arsenic-laced green dyes in clothes and accessories of the late 19th century, whose poison leached into the wearer’s skin. Or of the crinoline skirts that caught fire and burned the women inside to death, or the hobble skirts that caused their wearers to go tumbling to the pavement. Or of the woman who was